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Which of your formulas would you recommend for my pet?2021-07-05T18:59:00-04:00

We do not formulate for breed, size, age or disease specifics. We recommend rotating through each of our formulas every 2-3 months to allow your pet’s system to absorb the nutritional benefits of all the different ingredients. All of our formulas are different enough in composition to provide a varied diet with high levels of nutrition, and are formulated for all life stages. Feeding the same food for extended periods may allow for overload and some animals to develop allergies over time.

What precautions do you take to safeguard your foods from contamination?2021-07-05T18:06:59-04:00

Before any product enters our facility, before any truck is unloaded, an inspection is made and random samples are taken. These samples are then taken to the facility’s laboratory for screening, testing and analysis. The range of tests also includes proximate, aflatoxins, vomitoxins, peroxide values, microbial, and temperature, among others. Our facility also undergoes regular inspections by the USDA and APHIS. The plant is a member of the Pet Food Institute, and as such, is continuously updated on all regulation changes. The plant is also notified immediately of any outbreaks that would affect production so that any precautions or stoppages can be made. All poultry based meals and frozen poultry are supplied and received only from facilities that process poultry and no other meats. These facilities are USDA/APHIS approved facilities. The poultry included in our formulas are all hormone free and steroid free, and contain human grade chicken fed on real feed with no waste included. Fish oils are received only from suppliers that are USDA/APHIS/NMFS approved. Our fish oils are naturally preserved by the supplier. Our facilities have built a close relationship with all of their suppliers, conducting long-term research and development to be at the top of their profession and the industry. Between them, they have years of experience with which they are able to bring to the table the finest in companion animal food production.

I have heard on the internet that high protein foods can cause hip dysplasia. Is this true?2021-07-05T16:20:47-04:00

High protein foods do not cause hip and growth problems. The most likely cause for hip dysplasia is a random gene expressing the trait, or bad breeding practices. That misconception came from an American study performed in the ’60s that claimed a relationship between high caloric intake and hip dysplasia. A subsequent Swedish study in the ’70s found that the American study was flawed. Three more studies since then have found no link between caloric intake and dysplasia.

It’s probably safe to say that there are no wolves that say,

“Okay Junior, don’t eat too much protein or you’re gonna develop hip dysplasia!”

If there is a dietary cause to growth problems, it is most likely pet foods that do not supply enough of the building blocks and nutrients required by a growing animal. A breeder of Irish Wolfhounds and longtime customer of our formulas says Timberwolf is the ONLY food he has ever fed where he had NO incidents of the growth disease Pano.

May I mix raw or cooked meat in with your kibble?2021-07-05T12:02:56-04:00

All of our formulas are nutritionally complete and balanced.

However you have the option of adding fresh meat to any of our formulas, which will allows for further enzymatic activity and complement your’ pets innate proclivity for high protein and raw diets. Our Black Forest® Canid Formula was designed as a stand alone diet or to be mixed with fresh meat and so may be the most compatible to mixing.

However, all of our formulas are relatively high in vitamins and minerals so care should be taken when adding meat to some kibble. When adding meat, you are increasing phosphorous levels. Most dog foods are only 1.1-1.3% calcium, and their phosphorous levels are very close to that. It is possible you may accidentally add enough phosphorous to alter your calcium/phosphorous ratios.

If adding fresh meat to your pet’s food, we recommend a mix of 10-20% raw or cooked meats and organs, and deduct 10-20% of the Timberwolf diet and substitute with fresh meats of your choice or other fresh proteins such as eggs. Furthermore, you should make him eat up the food in time for avoiding bacterial growth.



I have an animal with some health issues, which formula do you recommend?2021-07-05T17:40:12-04:00

Please consult your veterinarian directly for a diagnosis and advice on how best to address any health concerns. Our formulas are designed to deliver optimal nutrition for your pet and improve overall health, not to cure any illness, disease or ailment.

For specific preferences, please read each of our formulas’ descriptions listed on our “Pet Foods” pages to determine which of our formulas best suits your pet’s needs or which ingredients you may want your pet to avoid.

Do I need to supplement any of the formulas with either of the fish oils?2021-07-05T17:53:06-04:00

You do not need to add anything to any of our formulas, as they are all nutritionally balanced and complete. However, these are wonderful supplements for the purpose of providing EPA and DHA, which are the most important omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Scientific studies indicate that DHA is the building block of the brain, nerves and eyes, and so has a positive impact on mental and visual functions. It may even aid in the fight and lower the incidence of cancer. Research suggests that EPA benefits the heart and circulatory system and has natural anti-inflammatory properties for easing joint pain.

Do you add taurine to your formulas?2021-07-05T18:04:42-04:00

Yes, we add 0.15% 98% pure taurine to all of our formulas. Taurine is a crucial amino acid, especially for felines. Due to the higher levels of meat protein in all of our formulas, they contain levels of taurine higher than 0.15%, it is an abundant content for even cats.

Do you add ethoxyquin to your foods?2021-07-05T18:06:34-04:00

No, we do not add ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT to any of our formulas. We do add Vitamin E and/or rosemary, which are both natural preservatives. Timberwolf diets are all packaged in oxygen barrier food grade packaging to preserve the integrity of our ingredients and prevent oxidation.

I have a new puppy/kitten, do you have a food for puppies/kittens?2021-07-05T18:19:22-04:00

All Timberwolf® diets are for “All Life Stages” formulated using American Animal Feed Control Officials guidelines and the U.S. government’s National Research Council’s “Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats.” It is certainly suitable for puppies or kittens.

Our nutritional and feeding philosophies are based on the higher proteins and fats with lower carbohydrate levels found in the diets of undomesticated wild animals.

Our feeding instructions are “guidelines” only. As guardians of your pets, please observe your pets’ activity levels and metabolisms and adjust the quantities fed to your animals based upon their individual activity, metabolisms, environmental conditions and weights.

It should be noted that puppies and kittens need up to 4 times the amount of food for their body weights than adult and senior pets due to their growth needs and very active state, which causes them to burn calories at a much higher rate.

I want to switch to Timberwolf, will my pet experience loose stools?2021-07-06T12:21:45-04:00

Timberwolf formulas are a little different from other pet foods in that some are made with exotic meats and/or higher amounts of proteins and oils. Most of our formulas also include liberal quantities of herbs, fruit, nuts and or seeds that your pet may never have encountered in past foods they have been fed. Your pet may not be used to dining on higher-quality food that contains either unusual protein sources and/or unique additional ingredients. Please ensure when introducing your pet to Timberwolf that you take it slowly by adding small amounts of the new formula to your old formula, increasing the amounts and deducting your old formula over a period of about 7 days.

How long will my pet’s food stay fresh for?2021-07-05T18:23:27-04:00

With appropriate levels of the natural preservatives vitamin E and rosemary along with our specialty food grade oxygen barrier packaging, Timberwolf diets can have a minimum shelf life of over 18 months if sealed and kept in optimum temperature and storage conditions. We highly recommend that once the bag is opened, you keep the contents in the bag, stored in a cool place keeping the bag as tightly closed as possible to maintain the integrity of the freshness, texture, flavor and aroma. You might also want to place the bag and its contents in an airtight container. Once opened, it is suggested that the contents be consumed within 2-3 weeks for the freshest flavor and palatability to be enjoyed.

Why use Salmon Oil?2021-07-05T18:26:43-04:00

Salmon oil increases the amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that your pet is consumes. Studies have shown that these fatty acids promote glossy coats, healthy skin, optimum joint, brain and ocular functions.

I have successfully placed an order. When can I expect delivery?2021-07-05T18:28:13-04:00

Orders are normally shipped within 24-48 business hours after you receive your order confirmation. Orders take on average a week to a week and a half to receive, depending on where in the country you are. Our warehouse is in the North East.

I have placed my order, but I have not received an order confirmation email yet. When will I get it?2021-07-05T18:29:13-04:00

Order confirmation emails are normally sent within 1 business day of placing your order. Please email us from our ‘Contact Us’ page if you do not receive an order confirmation email within 3 business days of placing your order.

I want to cancel my order. What is the procedure?2021-07-05T18:30:23-04:00

Once you place your order it is immediately processed for shipping by the warehouse staff and we are unable to pull the order for cancellation or changes.

Please ensure your order is correct before submitting your order.

Please ensure the shipping address information is correct as we cannot correct these once they have been processed.

Orders with incorrect ship to information will incur delays and/or additional UPS correction/change address charges or return to warehouse charges.

My order has not yet arrived. How long should I wait and what is the correct procedure?2021-07-05T18:31:47-04:00

If you have not received your order within seven business days after receiving your confirmation, please check your emails for your UPS or FedEx tracking number. If you are unable to find a tracking number or if you see a problem with the shipping, please contact us directly.

I placed an order and it has been shipped, but I no longer want the product. What can I do?2021-07-05T18:32:17-04:00

Due to our items being food items and could be subject to contamination after it leaves our warehouse, returns are not accepted.

Please ensure your order is correct and wanted before submitting your order.

My order has arrived damaged with holes, tears, cuts, etc. What is the procedure?2021-07-05T18:32:59-04:00

Orders must be inspected at the time of delivery before the driver leaves.

Damages must be reported to the UPS driver before they leave. The drivers written verification of damages must be obtained. Contact us immediately and email pictures of the damages with the driver verification to

Please retain the original shipping box for returns and/or inspection of shipping materials. Once we have receive the damaged items back, we will immediately ship you a replacement.

I don’t live in the USA. Can you still ship an order to me?2021-07-05T18:33:35-04:00

Unfortunately, we do not ship online orders internationally however please contact for other overseas shipping options.

Can you ship to an APO address or to Alaska/Hawaii?2021-07-05T18:33:59-04:00

Sorry, sadly we cannot not ship outside of the contiguous 48 states at this time. We cannot ship to APO addresses at this time either.

Do you have any feeding tips?2021-07-06T16:29:00-04:00

We recommend you feed your pet twice a day. Simply equally divide the amount suggested on the feeding guide into two meals, spaced 8 to 12 hours apart.

Feeding amounts may change due to your pet’s age, activity levels, life stages and environment. You may need to adjust portions according to your pet’s requirements to maintain ideal weight.

For pregnant or nursing dogs, we recommend free feeding. Puppies should eat three to four times a day from weaning to six months. After six months, twice-a-day feedings are adequate.

What is AAFCO?2021-07-06T16:06:33-04:00

AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials. All Timberwolf diets are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for cats and dogs. This ensures that our foods are complete and balanced nutrition for pets.

Where are your ingredients sourced from?2021-07-06T16:48:30-04:00

We believe that making the best pet foods requires using the best ingredients. Every ingredient we choose is selected for its nutritional value, digestibility and superior flavor.

Lamb and venison included in our recipes are imported from reliable supplier in New Zealand, other premium ingredients are sourced from American local farm.

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